Billion Dollar Brow Bestsellers Kits Review

BDB*sent for review

Brows, brows, brows. Not too long ago, I wrote a post about my easy brow routine. Shortly after that, I received several items from Billion Dollar Brows for review. Since then, I have been testing them out to see if they meet my “fast and easy” requirements for good brows, especially since one of the kits is called “60 Seconds to Beautiful Brows.”

BDB2The 60 Seconds kit contains two items: a brow powder and a brush. I love the brush! It has an angled brush on one side and a spoolie on the other. The handle is very sturdy and feels like a quality tool. I have enjoyed using this quite a bit. The brow powder is in the shade taupe, and as far as I can find is the only shade available, unfortunately. That said, this shade is neutral, which is a plus.

I like this brow powder just fine, but it is not my favorite. I’m more in the “don’t love it, don’t hate it” camp for this one. If you are a die hard brow powder person you may want to try it. The kit is $24 and you get the brush and the powder, so it’s a pretty good deal for both products considering Anastasia’s brow powder is $21 and the brush is around $18.

BDB3The brow powder texture is good for its use–on the stiff side. I find when brow powders are too soft, they tend to smear. This one does stay in place and allows for control during application.


I really like the bestsellers kit, more than the 60 seconds kit ($42). This kit contains four items: a “universal” brow pencil with spoolie, brow gel, highlight and concealer pencil, and a brush.

 I like the highlighter and the brush. The brow gel does the job, but the real star is the universal brow pencil. Mine is almost gone, as I have been using it daily. I was wearing this in my most recent FOTD post as well. This pencil is basically my dream brow pencil for a few reasons. First, it is truly effortless and takes less than a minute to use. It doesn’t look unnatural, and the consistency is really nice. It feels like the Marc Jacobs gel pencils (the eyeliner pencils) if you are familiar with those. It wears all day and doesn’t fade.

Billion Dollar Brows can be found at places like Kohls, Dermstore, and the Billion Dollar Brows website.

*Sent for review. All opinions are my own.
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  1. drusiph says:

    i like the phrase “dream brow”

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