Makeup Geek Sparkler in Solstice

MUG2*Purchased by me

Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle! That’s what the Makeup Geek Sparklers are all about. These launched in December and had kind of an odd reception. While they are a beautiful product, there is one MAJOR flaw: there is no sifter and the product literally gets everywhere when you open the container. Because of that, a lot of people gave them bad reviews. To be fair, there is a warning on the website that states this. At the same time, it seems in poor taste to release a flawed product.

One day I opened this just to look at it. A little while later, I heard my husband say “why is there glitter all over me?” Oops.

MUG1Solstice is described as “silvery mint green”. I absolutely adore this color.

MUG3The product is very finely milled, which adds to its ability to magically fly out of the container. Here’s how I use it to avoid a glitter bomb over my counter. First, I open the product in the sink, and I open it very slowly. This keeps the product contained in the sink when it gets all over everything.

I apply it with a sponge-tipped applicator. I dip it into the product and then I spray it with Fix+ and apply to my lids.


I don’t think my photos are really doing this product any justice. It truly is gorgeous, but completely messy. Right now they are $10 each, and that price will be raised to $12 once the sifters are available.

While I think these are beautiful, they are tricky to use without a sifter. Use at your own risk. 🙂

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2 Responses to Makeup Geek Sparkler in Solstice

  1. drusiph says:

    “why is there glitter all over me!?” HAHAHAHAHAHAAH

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