Seven Days of Bright Lips Challenge!

L8Revlon Unapologetic

My friend Krissy and I have complete opposite tastes in makeup. She is all about a bright lip and simple eye, whereas I love bold eyeshadow and a nude lip. Because of this, she challenged me to wear bright lips for a week straight. She is going to do the same in reverse when she gets a week of vacation from her job (she has less job freedom than I do).

I took her up on the challenge and documented what I wore. It was a challenge to wear a “color” on my lips each day. I MISSED my beloved nudes!

L1Day 1: Butter London Lippy Pencil in Primrose Hill Picnic

L2Day 2: Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Firebird

L3Day 3: MAC Lady Danger

L4Day 4: Milani Matte Luxe

L5Day 5: MAC Embrace Me

L6Day 6: Revlon Unapologetic

L7Day 7: MAC Stone

The last day is a horrible photo for several reasons, mostly the awful, washed out lighting (cloudy, miserable day), and I’m wearing the wrong foundation color because I was testing out a random sample. Anyway, it’s just makeup. 🙂 Stone is a unique color and the photo doesn’t really do it justice (it’s also sort of cheating because it isn’t bright, though it is a little more on the “daring” side).

This was a really fun challenge! I loved pulling out some lipsticks I haven’t worn for awhile. The Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani lipstick was just a sample. The color is really beautiful and the formula was nice as well.

My favorite color to wear was MAC Lady Danger. It’s hard to go wrong with that beautiful color. 🙂

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3 Responses to Seven Days of Bright Lips Challenge!

  1. drusiph says:

    i like the danger and stone ones on you the best

  2. Luchessa says:

    I think I like you wearing pink & berry colors the most, so my fav one would probably be the first two looks.

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