Makeup Revolution Shimmer Brick in Radiant

MR*purchased by me

I have to admit that I have been skeptical about the very popular drugstore brand Makeup Revolution. Could it really be *that* great? Well, I can’t speak for the entire range, but I do have a few thoughts about this obvious Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick dupe. I have the shade “Radiant”, which is a bronze-themed brick.


There are five shades in this brick, ranging from a golden highlight to champagne pink to deep bronze. Everything is very shimmery, and the shades can be used individually or swirled together. It is also a multipurpose product, as it can be used as a highlighter, bronzer, or eyeshadow.

MR3Bottom to top

I have to give this little gem some credit. The texture is beautiful and the pigmentation is stunning.


I thought that because this shimmer brick was a mere $7 it would be chunky, full of glitter, and not smooth whatsoever, but that is not the case at all. It is fun to mix and match shades, and the glow as a highlight is simply beautiful!

On top of all that, it actually lasts all day. My biggest hesitation with affordable beauty products has been whether or not they are long-lasting, and this highlighter is!

I purchased my shimmer brick from Ulta. If you don’t want to drop the money on a Bobbi Brown shimmer brick, this one is definitely worth checking out at a fraction of the price.

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