Anastasia Glow Kits Review!

glow*purchased by me

The Glow palettes from Anastasia Beverly Hills are a fairly new makeup product from the brand, with each kit containing 4 different highlighting shades for the face and eyes. Gleam is geared toward lighter skin tones while That Glow is well-suited to medium and deep skin tones; however, that didn’t stop me from picking up both kits!

Color descriptions (From Sephora)

Gleam Kit:
Hard Candy: A mood-changing golden peach with a pink pearl reflective finish.
Starburst: A rush of cool pink with an iridescent finish.
Crushed Pearl: A glimmering pink and silver with a crystalized chrome finish.
Mimosa: A radiant golden peach with a metallic finish.

That Glow Kit:
Sunburst: A bright, luminous gold with a metallic finish.
Bubbly: A champagne rose with a pearlescent finish.
Dripping in Gold: A lavish gold with a vivid reflective finish.
Golden Bronze: A sultry, warm bronze with a gold-flecked finish.




With more use, I am fairly certain that these will become holy grail makeup items in my stash. These highlighters are absolutely stunning and the quality is incredible! They are extremely smooth and easy to blend.

Each palette is $40; compare that to ONE Becca highlighter being the same price–that makes these beauties quite the steal! I also prefer the texture of these to the Becca highlighters, as they are much softer and more finely milled.

glow3In the Gleam palette, my favorite color is Crushed Pearl. This highlighter is absolute PERFECTION! It is seriously flattering on my skin and I adore how illuminating yet subtle it is. If you want to be seen from space (I can’t deny that I love that look), it’s easy to build up.

glow4In the That Glow palette, Sunburst is my favorite shade.

glow7These were a little tricky to capture accurately, and the swatch photo definitely doesn’t do the palettes justice! Each shade is metallic, and each pan contains .26 oz of product, so you are getting a lot here.

I have been using these alone, mixed with each other, and mixed with blush. I’ve also gotten use out of them on the eyes.

The packaging is very simple. It is a cardboard palette, and there is no mirror. I have plenty of mirrors so it doesn’t bother me too much that there isn’t one included.

Overall, I absolutely LOVE these and they are all I have been using since I purchased them (over a month now). I hope they come out with more shades! 🙂

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