A New Staple: Sephora Colorful Powder in Tranquil

T1*purchased by me

Sephora has a new line of face powders called the “Colorful” line, which features blush, bronzer, highlighter, and contour powders. Typically, I’m not one to contour, or at least not much. I definitely don’t carve anything out of my nose or my cheekbones (a lost cause-hee hee). I do like to add some definition to my jawline and under my chin, which is what I have been using this particular color, Tranquil, for.

T2This powder has become an every day staple for me since I purchased it at the beginning of March. It is a cool-toned gray color which works perfectly for my skin tone. It is very pigmented, so you don’t need much. Too much powder will ensure that you look dirty rather than sculpted.

T3In addition to being a great contour color, I have used this as a crease shade on my eyes, which I really like.

The Sephora Colorful powders retail for $14 each, and I am considering trying one of the highlight shades since I like this one so much.

Tranquil is currently sold out online; however, it might be available in stores.

Have you tried anything from the Sephora Colorful line?

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