Summer 2016 Wet ‘n’ Wild Highlighting Powders

WW*purchased by me

The new Wet ‘n’ Wild summer collection is out at Walgreens (that is where I found it), and it contains some new and unique items to the line, including highlighting powders, liquid lipsticks, and cream stick highlighters. I picked up the two highlighting powders: Precious Petals and Crown of My Canopy.

WW2Both powders are imprinted with a beautiful flower design. If one were to depot these beauties, it would be easy to mistake them for something very high end.

WW3Crown of My Canopy, Precious Petals

Crown of My Canopy is a warm, shimmery copper shade. It picks up a lot of color right away, but blends easily to make it more wearable. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to pull this one off, but happily it was not a problem. I think this would be especially beautiful on medium to deep skin tones.

Precious Petals is a peach highlight, bordering on rose gold, and much lighter than Crown of My Canopy. It is the most versatile for a range of skin tones, and has a golden sheen to it, especially when it is applied.

With regards to texture, these are similar to the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors, and are not as finely milled as the Anastasia Glow Palettes. If you have been wanting to try Becca highlighters but can’t justify the price tag, hunt these down!

These highlighters retail for $5 each and definitely worth picking up. In a wear test, mine was still going strong after 7 hours of wear.

I recommend both, but if I had to pick one, Precious Petals is my choice. 🙂

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