Pacifica Dream Big Lash Extending Mascara

big2*pr sample

A mascara tube with a UNICORN on it–who doesn’t want that, right? As a lover of unicorns, I completely approve. I am also a lover of this mascara from Pacifica: Dream Big! This was a surprise in the mail, so thank you to Pacifica!

Product Description

A magic wand lets you fake it till you make it. Amplify your lashes instantly with all natural plant fibers that build & build & build.


This is an interesting mascara wand. It has a little twister on the cap that changes the wand. It extends out, but can also be twisted into a smaller, fatter wand. The shorter side is for building up the lashes, while the long side is for extending the length of your lashes.



What I like about this wand is that it is very easy to control the mascara, especially if you are adding multiple layers. I think someone who likes to build, build, and build their mascara would enjoy this.

My favorite thing about this mascara is actually how gentle and lightweight it is. I wear contacts, so it is really important to me that nothing irritates my eyes. It doesn’t flake, smudge, or irritate my eyes.

This mascara is $16 at Target, which I think is a great price for something natural and cruelty-free. It is a little more expensive than typical drugstore mascaras; however, it’s still well under luxury mascara price points.

Have you tried this mascara yet?

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