Derma E® Refining Vitamin A Crème Review!

dermaE*product from work!

I work in social media for a company that sells all sorts of products from many brands, and one of the things I do is create content around those products. It is a fun perk of the job to be able to try new beauty products! I have never combined my job with my hobby, but I can’t help sharing a rave review on this amazing moisturizer from Derma E.

This is an anti-wrinkle Vitamin A cream that can be worn in the morning or at night, and it can be worn under makeup. So far, I have only been using it at night rather than during the day, but I am totally in love with how it makes my skin feel and look.


This is a cream that is thick in consistency but not heavy; it blends easily and melts into the skin. It’s not greasy, doesn’t irritate my skin, and doesn’t have a strong scent. According to the bottle, it is good for all skin types.

I’m extremely fussy about what I put on my face before going to bed. If it feels greasy or is too heavy, I definitely don’t want it on my face when I’m trying to sleep! In the morning, my skin feels soft and looks plump and hydrated.

One thing I have learned from reading the Skincare Addiction reddit is that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to find good skincare items that work. This is a very affordable product, around $10-$15 depending on where you buy it from, so I will definitely repurchase it when I run out of it. 🙂

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