Lorac Light Source Illuminating Highlighter in Daylight

DL2*purchased by me

Another day, another highlighter! The Lorac Light Source Illuminating Highlighters ($22) are fairly new, having been around since late March/early April. This formula is a powder product, but very creamy and blendable–it just barely has that gelee feel in terms of texture. I picked up the shade Daylight, which is a warm, peach-toned gold.

DL3Lorac states that these highlighters can be worn as a “soft, natural sheen or layered for a high-shine, dramatic effect.” I think this is absolutely true, making this a very user-friendly product, especially for someone who may not be used to applying highlights or are new to them altogether.

dl4This highlight formula is very pigmented, and on par with other mid to high-end highlight products, particularly the Becca skin perfectors (don’t get me wrong; I love them), which is very close to double the price of this product. It is SO easy to blend, and if you put too much on by accident (which I have done), there is no problem blending it out.

DLWearing Daylight – but bad lighting!

Overall, this is a lovely formula and a beautiful color. If you liked Becca’s Champagne Pop but it was too peach-toned for you, this might be a better option as it isn’t quite as intense.

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