Urban Decay x Alice Through the Looking Glass Palette

alice1*purchased by me

Scene: It’s late April, and I’m out of town for a half marathon. I wander into Sephora (which was right next to the Disney store!), and as I am exiting the store, I spot the Urban Decay x Alice Through the Looking Glass palette…on display a week earlier than it is supposed to be. I was soooooo excited, because this falls under the “limited edition Disney palettes” clause in the 2016 eyeshadow buying ban, but mostly because Through the Looking Glass is my preferred Alice book (versus the original that is). Jabberwocky? Yes, please! Sadly, I have yet to see the movie.

alice2The packaging is absolutely beautiful.

alice3It opens up to reveal a gorgeous butterfly, and the shadows slide out from a panel below.

alice4“I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I must have changed several times since then.”


Each vertical row is designated for a specific character. For example, the first shade is for Alice.

This is definitely my kind of palette with the huge range of colors, both vibrant with some neutrals! My number one favorite color in the palette is Heads Will Roll, which is a bright turquoise with some shimmer. I have found that these apply a lot better with a brush than just simply swatching with a finger.

alice6No primer!

Most of the shades are very pigmented and smooth, but there is one major dud, and that is Dream On, which is not very pigmented. I hardly get any color from it, but instead get some sparkles. That isn’t a huge deal breaker for me since it’s just one color. The shadows in this formula also seem to be drier than other Urban Decay palettes; however, that doesn’t seem to impact the pigmentation.

If you’re a fan of the Alice movies and books, and just Urban Decay in general, you will probably love this palette just like I do.

What do you think of this palette? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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