MAC Combo Series #1

MAC1In an effort to use my MAC eyeshadows more, I want to share more looks with the ones that I have (which is a lot). I’m not a makeup artist by any means, but I am good with colors in my humble opinion. 😉 Today’s look includes four shades: Deep Fixation (LE), Goldbit (LE), Brown Down, and Exposed (LE).

mac3Goldbit, Exposed, Brown Down, Deep Fixation

Exposed is one of my favorite MAC eyeshadows that came out with the Nudes and Metallics collection in 2013. Goldbit is very old; I’m not even sure how old it actually is, but I found it at a CCO and it still performs beautifully. Brown Down is a permanent color, and Deep Fixation is an amazing metallic brown that was in the Moody Blooms collection in 2014. Both Exposed and Deep Fixation are two of my favorite MAC shades.

mac2Deep Fixation is all over the lid, Brown Down is in the crease, Exposed is in the crease, and Goldbit is the brow highlight.

I blended Brown Down into the crease last, just to deepen things up a bit.


The overall look is very warm, but flattering with my complexion. I paired it with MAC Shy Girl lipstick and Becca Amaretto blush. 🙂

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