Catrice Liquid Metal Eyeshadow in Under Treasure Review

catrice6*purchased by me

As you can see in the photo above, my Catrice Liquid Metal eyeshadow is totally beat up and well-loved. You know what that means: I like it! I actually do not mind seeing makeup that isn’t perfect and brand new in blogs and videos. There’s nothing wrong with seeing something that is used and adored. After all, isn’t that what makeup is for? 🙂

Catrice, if you don’t already know, is a budget beauty brand from Germany. I have tried their blush, but this is my first eyeshadow from Catrice. I have had this since I believe December or so, when they made an appearance on Ulta’s website.

catrice7These shadows have a fun, wavy design printed in them, and the shadow is also raised a bit; mine is getting pretty flat now!

catrice4Under Treasure is a light taupe color that is actually similar to Burberry Pale Barley in color. Pale Barley is lighter and definitely more finely milled, but if you don’t care that they aren’t exact dupes and don’t want to pay $30 for one color, this $5 variety might satiate your makeup desires. The formula is not the same, but the shades are fairly close.

catrice3Swatched, full sun, no primer

This is pigmented but not super intense. If it’s not pigmented enough for you, it can be used wet, which I have done by spritzing a little MAC Fix+ onto my brush. I like it either way.

The texture is soft and blends very easily; it is similar to Kiko eyeshadows in how the texture feels, and the NARS Dual Intensity shadows (only not as intense).

catrice2Swatch, natural light, no primer

Under Treasure is a great shade for someone who wants something natural but with a hint of shimmer and shine. I actually thought this was going to be way more pigmented than it is. That said, I’m not disappointed in it. It stayed all day long (about 10+ hours) when I wore it with a primer.


For $5, I think this is a lovely little shadow (this from a self-proclaimed eyeshadow snob) and worth checking out! 🙂

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