ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip Review

CP*purchased by me

In the liquid lipstick craze, I purchased these Ultra Satin Lip lipsticks from ColourPop since there were some beautiful and unique shades. I’m not crazy for liquid lipsticks and definitely prefer lip products that aren’t as long wearing. That said, I like to try new things and am not afraid to branch out. Part of why I am afraid of liquid lipsticks is because they are often drying, and I already have really dry lips.

These are $6 each and come in a huge variety of colors, from nudes to hot pink to gray (which I am curious about).


I picked up four shades: The Rabbit, Panda, Echo Park, and Magic Wand.

CP4The Rabbit

The formula, while long wearing, is not bulletproof, and application is tricky. A lip primer is an absolute must, and a lip liner is helpful. Without those two items, these lippies are extremely slippery and will smear. They are lippies that need to be babysat, in a nutshell.

When the above steps are applied, they are long wearing, but still come off while drinking or eating. They are also not kiss proof. 😉

The finish is really nice; satin and true to their name.

CP3Panda, The Rabbit, Magic Wand, Echo Park

It is definitely easier to wear the nude colors, as that is usually the case with any kind of lip color.

They are not moisturizing, but they aren’t super drying either (just a little bit).

Overall, I think these are worth trying for the price point if you just want some fun colors to play with and don’t want to invest $20 in one liquid lipstick. I will likely get other shades in the future.

Of the shades I have, Panda is the most unique (to me) and the one I have worn the most is Echo Park. The Rabbit is also something special with the hot pink and blue shift. I’m not even sure I could pick a favorite color because I really like all four of them!

What are your favorite liquid lipsticks?

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