First Stitch Fix and a Review!

SF9*Stitch Fix provided me with a $20 credit to try their service. The clothing I purchased on my own. More details below.

You may have heard of Stitch Fix*, a new twist on subscription boxes. Rather than get something every month like many boxes, you can choose when you want to get your Stitch Fix. It can be a fixed time every month, quarterly, or whenever you choose.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Pay a $20 styling fee. This fee is taken off of your purchase if you decide to keep something in the box.
  2. Fill out your style profile (more on that below).
  3. Receive the box and choose the clothes you want to keep. There is a price on each item of clothing.
  4. If you like everything in the box, you receive 25% off of the total.
  5. Return what you don’t want WITHIN 3 BUSINESS DAYS in a prepaid envelope.
  6. Checkout on Stitch Fix with what you are keeping.
  7. Provide feedback on what you didn’t like to improve future fixes.

The style profile is very thorough. You can set price points, your height and weight, size, and other preferences. Here is an example of what I specified in my style profile:

  • My size (XL/14 –Stitch Fix does not currently go over this size, but says they will be in the future).
  • I requested no pants, outerwear, booties, sandals, earrings, heels, bracelets, and fashion sneakers.
  • I requested to avoid fur and leather products.
  • I said that I mostly wear dresses and need larger tops.
  • The styles I chose were preppy, romantic, and classy.
  • Avoid the color purple and animal print.
  • There is also a section where you can add a Pinterest board with your style of clothing. Since I already had one made, I added that there.
  • I also stated that I needed clothes tailored to a larger chest.
  • You can specify if you need something specific, or for a special occasion.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 4.59.44 PM

Above is an example of how you can set price points. Since I mostly wear dresses, I didn’t mind adding a higher price point for those. I absolutely love costume jewelry, and I also make my own jewelry, so I would rather not invest as much with that. I’m extremely fussy about what kind of shoes I wear, so I picked a higher price point. I do not wear shoes that are uncomfortable in any way.

The box arrives with a personalized card from your stylist. I was really impressed by this, because I could tell the stylist really looked at my Pinterest board. The card also gives ideas on how to style each piece.

SF7The first item in my box was the Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan from the brand 41Hawthorn. I adored this sweater right away. It is incredibly soft and the quality is really great. Plus, the Kelly green color is totally up my alley, and I don’t have a lot of green clothes.

The Verdict: I kept this item!









The next item was the Marisol Mixed Material Knit Top (the back is on the left, front on the right) by the brand Papermoon. I thought this shirt was quite cute, but the front material felt cheap and flimsy, and it wasn’t very flattering on my figure. Plus, I have no idea what I would wear it with, so I sent this one back.

SF2This James Laser Cut Dress by Brixon Ivy is totally my style; however, the top was too small for me. 😦 I was bummed out about this because my husband said this was his favorite item in the box! I would have kept this one had the top part fit. In addition to being big on top, I have a large rib cage. It sounds weird, but it’s true; my sister and mom have the same issue.


I thought this dress was really cute–the Renesme Geo Cube Jersey Faux Wrap Dress by 41Hawthorne. I liked how it fit and the color and print were definitely my style; however, my husband was not a fan. He doesn’t dictate what I wear whatsoever (obviously, but just wanted to make it clear), but I know I won’t wear something if he doesn’t think it is cute! 😛


The last item was the Tommi Sweater Dress by Brixon Ivy. This was my favorite item in the box! I loved the color, the fit, the print, the fabric–everything about this is perfect. I like that it is thicker but breathable; this will be great for fall and winter, but still wearable on cooler summer days. I kept this one as well!

My total to keep the entire box was $239 (which includes the 25% off), but I only kept the dress and the green sweater, so my total was much less than that (I think around $120 after the $20 styling fee was removed).

I was overall impressed by the service; so much so that I ordered my next fix already and it will be here this week. Here are some tips that I recommend:

  • If you don’t keep the whole box, make sure you send it back within 3 business days, or you will be billed for everything.
  • Be specific when filling out the style profile.
  • If you don’t already have one, make a Pinterest board with items that are your style.


This is a very poor quality, poorly lit phone pic, but you get the idea of the sweater and the dress. I actually really like the pieces together!

I think Stitch Fix is a good fit for people who:

  • Love clothes
  • Have no idea how to style themselves
  • Don’t have time to shop
  • Want to try something new
  • Like the element of surprise

Personally, I love clothes and am good at fitting my figure; however, it is fun to have access to clothing I wouldn’t necessarily find where I live. I have read a lot of people state that their first fix was the best, and that they went downhill from there. I guess I will find out since my next one will be here this week!

Have you tried this service? What do you think of it?

*Stitch Fix provided me with a $20 credit to try their service. All opinions are my own I paid for the clothing myself. You can try Stitch Fix here (affiliate link–I get a credit) or here (plain link).

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