Strivectin TL Advanced Tightening Neck Cream Review

neckcream*press sample

 Oh man, I can’t believe I’m writing about a neck cream. Neck cream! Where do I begin? First, thank you to the kind people at Strivectin for sending this to me to try. I have to admit those lines in my neck sometimes make me feel a little bummed out; however, they’re just part of life. For the most part, I am totally okay with aging. Aging is a privilege, is it not?

I feel like my neck shows my age more than my face does (I’m 35–so not old), so I was excited to test this out. When I sleep, I’m either on my left side, or on my back, which is not good for those neck lines. I use it by applying it in the morning and at night before I go to bed.  After a week or so, I did notice that my neck was looking smoother and the lines were not gone, but less harsh.

The cream is thicker and comes in jar form, so don’t forget to wash your hands before using it. Although it is a thick cream, it spreads nicely and isn’t heavy on the skin. It has a very mild scent that disappears upon application.

Part of the description on Ulta’s website states: “Over time, the visible effects of gravity appear reversed for even more refined and toned definition of the neck line, profile, and décolleté.” I feel like for me, this was true about my neck. I can’t speak for the décolleté because as of now, I don’t have issues with that.

I won’t mince words here: this product is expensive at $95 for 1.7 oz; however, it does come in a travel size container for $15 as well, so you can try before making a large investment.

Another thing I want to point out about this product is that if you visit the product on Ulta’s website and scroll to the bottom past the reviews, there is a large list of questions (not an affiliate link) from customers that were answered by the brand representative.

Overall, I have to say I am impressed with the product and am actually quite surprised that I noticed a difference, since I’m usually pretty skeptical with anti-aging skincare.

*Sent for consideration. All opinions are my own.

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