Milk Makeup Gel Brow Pencil Review

  milk2*Sephora points perk

I’m really intrigued by the Milk makeup brand, so when this gel eyebrow pencil popped up in the shade Pilsner (medium brown) as a Sephora points perk, I decided to test it out! It claims 10 hours of wear, matte finish, and that it’s waterproof.

M1The color of the pencil is a versatile brown color that works for my brows. I actually thought it applied to my brows darker than it looked in a swatch on my hand, but that might just be because my brows are dark brown naturally.

The pencil glides on very easily; in fact, don’t press too hard, because you will smash the pencil quite easily and end up with too much product in your brows! It’s definitely a pencil to use gently!

I found that I have had to sharpen this quite a bit already, so I imagine one would really fly through the full-size pencil ($18).

While I didn’t test the waterproof claim, the pencil definitely lasts 10+ hours and it does have a matte finish.


Overall, I like this pencil and will definitely use up the sample size. I might purchase this in the future, but I probably won’t be in a major rush to do so. My favorite selling point of this gel pencil is how easily it glides on, and that it wears for a long time. It’s definitely worth getting that deluxe sample if you can!

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