Soho Beauty Belle Kabuki Brush

belle*purchased by me

Being a Disney junkie, I couldn’t help but check out the Soho beauty brushes at Walgreens. Since Belle is my favorite princess and I love kabuki brushes, I decided to pick up this one. I’ve had a Soho beauty kabuki in the past and was not happy with it as it was coarse and shed everywhere. I’m happy to say this one is not like that!

belle3As you can see, this is a larger brush. I use it for blush, bronzer, face powder, and sometimes highlighter if I’m in a pinch. The bristles are very soft. I’ve washed it several times and haven’t experienced any bleeding or shedding.

Performance wise, this brush blends really well and quickly; you don’t have to work to make the product blend.

belle2This kabuki brush is around $10, and if you are a lover of all things Disney, it is a fun thing to have! Plus, it does work nicely and wash well, making this an affordable, effective choice for a kabuki brush. 🙂

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