An Ode to MAC Groundwork

gw2*purchased and adored by me

It is true that I have completed a miraculous feat: I used up an entire MAC Paint Pot in the color Groundwork. This is how you know something is true love: when you literally use it until you cannot use it any longer! I had enough left to scrape out one more swatch, but not enough to use on the eyes.

gw3It took about three years to finish up this product, so for $20, you get a lot of use out of it. Groundwork is a neutral brown mushroom color that goes with every kind of eyeshadow look you can imagine. I used it as a primer, and it definitely gets the job done. If you really don’t want your shadow to budge, layer another primer underneath and put this on top. Your shadow will be fresh from morning until late at night.

gwGroundwork on the left, Creamy Beige on the right

I definitely want to buy Groundwork again, but for now I am being practical and making use of a Maybelline Color Tattoo that I have in the shade Creamy Beige. It is a little darker than Groundwork, but very similar in tone. I’ll probably work on using this up until it dries out (which these do, and quickly). My Groundwork Paint Pot never dried up and remained very creamy until the last little bit that I used, whereas the Color Tattoos tend to really dry up within a year no matter how I store them.

gw4Creamy Beige has a tougher consistency and is a little thicker than Groundwork. It is a lot more affordable; I paid $3 on clearance for this little guy. When I do pick up Groundwork again, I’ll check at a CCO first to see if I can get it for a small discount (usually around $14).

Overall, Groundwork is a holy grail makeup product for me and I’m absolutely nuts about it. I will definitely repurchase!

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