Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Chromes Review

ct3*purchased by me

The Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Chromes are a fairly new drugstore product. These are cream eyeshadow bases designed to be long wearing like their pot counterparts. I have three shades: Electric Emerald, Beige Luster, and Bronze Sheen.


If you have the Urban Decay Moondust palette, these shadows are an amazing base for it. I have worn all of these several times in conjunction with Moondust, and they are a match made in makeup heaven!

There is a large range of colors in the chromes range, and in my experience the darker ones are of better quality, as they are smoother and have more pigment. Beige Luster is nice, but Electric Emerald and Bronze Sheen kick it to the curb in terms of intensity. Electric Emerald is my favorite of the three, and the one I have worn the most.

These dry quickly, but not so fast that you can’t blend them if you make a mistake. I prefer to apply them to one eye, put powder shadow over it, and then do the other eye.

ct2The Color Tattoo Chromes have a metallic finish and they are very shiny. If you want eyes that really pop, layer another metallic color on top.

Like the pot form, these Color Tattoos do not budge once they are applied. They are extremely long wearing and actually a little difficult to remove.

These shadows are $7 in drugstores. The whole line is really gorgeous, but in my experience the darker shades perform better. I am happy with the shade selection that I have at the moment and am not planning on purchasing more unless some super cool LE shade comes out that I really love. Would I repurchase in the future? I would definitely repurchase Electric Emerald, since that is my favorite one.


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