Your Minerals Brown Hypnotic Eye Glimmer


Do you ever wonder what happens to those items received in everyone’s subscription boxes? I often do, and definitely need to get better about showing what I’m using and enjoying from these subs. Here’s one that I received in Boxycharm this year: Your Minerals Brown Hypnotic Eye Glimmer ($23).

ym2As you can see, this mineral shadow has some holographic particles in it that create a gorgeous rainbow sparkle effect. While it’s not super pigmented on its own, when wet it creates an amazing, dimensional look.

ym4UD Limit, YM Brown Hypnotic (dry), YM Brown Hypnotic (wet), UD Factory, UD Mugshot

As you can see, when used wet Brown Hypnotic has an intense metallic finish. I swatched it next to some Decay Naked 3 shades because the two complement each other so well. I love using Brown Hypnotic with the Naked 3 palette because they both have that gorgeous brown rose tone.


Your Minerals is a Swedish made brand whose focus is “healthy” makeup. I would be thrilled to see this brand in Boxycharm again, because I think this mineral shadow is completely gorgeous and the quality is fantastic. I love using mineral shadows because they don’t irritate my eyes and are easily intensified when wet.

Your Minerals is run by a mother/daughter team, one based in the USA, and the other based in Sweden. You can read their story here.

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