Smashbox L.A. Lights Blush & Highlight Palette in Pacific Coast Pink

sb*purchased by me

I purchased this Smashbox blush palette awhile ago from one of Ulta’s 21 days of beauty deals, and in the reconstruction of our master bath, I totally neglected it! In the mood for pink, I pulled it out and finally put it to the test!

The L.A. Lights Blush and Highlight Palette ($35) contains three shades: two blushes and one highlighter. The official description is much prettier:

Developed in Smashbox’s L.A. photo studio to mimic the depth and dimension of the magic light of L.A., this foolproof palette features two tonal shades of blush – one true and one rich – plus their perfectly matched highlighter for a radiant, natural-looking West Coast glow.


The palette is housed in a slim black plastic case with a nice-sized mirror. I like how sleek it is, and it’s a great size for travel. In the photos the blushes look similar to each other; however, the difference is much more prominent in real life!

sb2I love the quality of these blushes. They are a little stiff (in a good way), so they don’t kick up a lot of powder (yay!). They also have amazing lasting time on the skin. A lot of times I find that my blush fades quickly, and it drives me crazy! The Smashbox blush really sticks to my skin for an impressive amount of time; eight hours later and it’s still there.

sb4Originally, I was going to get the coral palette, but decided to get the pink one because I have so many peach and coral blushes. I’m glad I went with pink, because the blushes are vibrant and brighten my complexion nicely; however, the highlight is my favorite! This is one of the prettiest, most unique highlighters I have. It’s a very pale pink with a gold sheen. I’m completely in love with this highlight!

 I like this little palette; however, I probably would not pay $35 for it just because I have so many other pink blushes. I snagged it for $17.50, so it’s worth waiting for a price drop in my humble opinion. That said, if you don’t have a lot of blush and want something you will use all the time, this is something to consider! 🙂

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