Must Have Beauty Tool: Vera Mona Color Switch

colorswitch*purchased by me

Confession: I hate cleaning my makeup brushes. I do it, because I know if I don’t, it’s completely disgusting, but it’s just not a chore that I enjoy. Most of the time I end up wishing that I could get a few more uses out of my eyeshadow brushes, since those are the ones I use the most, and daily. Enter the Vera Mona Color Switch.

I purchased this from Sephora ($18). Basically, it is a sponge in a can. Although I kept thinking that I could make one of these myself for way less than $18, I decided to just shell out the money and purchase the Sephora one since it was all set to go. I am very happy with my decision!


This product is a stiff, coarse sponge, and what you do is simply rub your brush black and forth gently over the sponge, and it removes product from your brush (hence, “color switch”). It works on small brushes, powder brushes, and even powder puffs.

The sponge is very easy to clean, as is the can. I just rinse it with a little bit of soap until the water runs clear.

I’m not recommending not cleaning your makeup brushes of course, but the color switch does allow me to get more days of use out of my brushes. Plus, this is an amazing product for travel, which is one situation where I don’t clean my brushes because I just don’t want to pack that much stuff.

Have you tried this beauty tool?

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2 Responses to Must Have Beauty Tool: Vera Mona Color Switch

  1. budziak says:

    Best product for using the same brush but different color when doing makeup for yourself or others. I use it a ton when I’m doing makeup on others! The course sponge definitely looks like something from an FX kit.

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