LORAC Pro Metal Palette in Rose Gold Review + Swatches

lorac1*purchased by me

The LORAC Pro Metal palette is out in a rose gold edition (which I believe is simply a re-release from 2015 but in different packaging). I’m on the fence with LORAC–they have products that I like, and I think their eyeshadow is nice, but I wouldn’t call myself a devotee or even follower of their new products. This is something I simply saw and picked up on a whim because I had Kohl’s cash to use. 😀


There are 8 shades in the palette (which retails for $28), and each shade can be used wet or dry. This is definitely a palette where you may want to bring in another palette depending on what you are going for, since every shade is metallic and very shimmery.

The formula is very nice and smooth; because of how pigmented the shades are, they blend SO quickly! That is one reason why I’m on the fence about LORAC’s formula. I like that everything is pigmented, but when shadow is too soft, it’s easy to over blend and make it disappear.

lorac3There is a nice range of colors here, and by mixing with some mattes, it is wearable if you go to an office every day or have a more conservative line of work where makeup needs to be toned down. That said, it’s also really easy to make a high shine, dramatic look if that’s your thing using just this palette. Like any palette, there are major possibilities!

If you don’t have any metallic shades, this is a nice palette to start with, and the price point isn’t outrageous. The packaging is cardboard, so it’s very lightweight and easy to travel with. The shadows do have amazing quality, and not one is a dud. My personal favorite is Cobalt!

I also did not experience any issues with fading when I used a primer (Note: I always use primer).

While the colors are gorgeous, I’m in the “like zone” with this one at the moment. That said, if you want metallics that perform, this is definitely an option! 🙂

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