8 Perfumes I Want to Use Up!


Wonderful perfume…as much as I like makeup, my perfume obsession is just as intense. When I love a fragrance I really love it, and I adore trying out new scents. Because of that, I have quite the perfume collection! Since I have a good idea of my absolute favorites, I want to use up some of what I have, even if I plan on repurchasing. Many of these are near empty to begin with, so it made sense to start with them.

Bath and Body Works Vineyard Champagne Kiss: I’m a sucker for a champagne note, and paired with citrus, that makes me even happier. I really love this body spray, but they take forEVER to use up. I’m going to work through this one by keeping it on my nightstand and using it before bed (yes, I am that person…I like to smell good at all times).

Bobbi Brown Beach: This is a favorite for me. There’s about 1/3 of this bottle left, and since I have one waiting in the wings, I would like to get through this one.

Nest Paradise: This is a nice scent; it has a bite of ginger and is balanced out by citrus. That said, I probably won’t repurchase it.

Ariana Grande Ari: The physical rollerball is one of the best I have used; I love how much product is dispensed from this. The scent is lovely; warm and sweet, but not heavy or sickening. I would probably repurchase this in the future with a good deal.

Nicki Minaj Minajesty: As you can see, I have no shame and if it smells good, I go with it. I LOVE this perfume. It has a delightfully juicy berries and lemon blend, creating a little bite. I have a bottle of this, so I would like to use up the mini rollerball.

Atelier Cologne Pomelo Paradis: Another juicy citrus fragrance that lasts all day long. I am almost done with this travel spray and will likely buy this in the full-size bottle this year.

Tocca Simone: Another favorite! This smells like sand and the beach, but doesn’t have that harsh jasmine note many beach fragrances have; instead, it is balanced with light frangipani.

Note Fragrances Honey Blossom: This is one of the most authentic honey scents I’ve tried. I like it, but am unsure if I’ll purchase anything larger than this little tester.

I’m not sure how long it will take for me to use these up, but I’m starting with the Nest rollerball!

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