Clinique Sun-Kissed Face Gelee Review!

clinique2*purchased by me

I’m kicking off getting back into blogging with a “sunny” product because I blame winter for my complete lack of writing. January in particular was quite brutal: we had four days where the sun came out (and it wasn’t even out for the entire day). The winter blues kicked me hard this year, to the point where I did indeed purchase a sun lamp (and I love it). Anyway, now that it’s March, I know the end of clouds almost daily is near. In fact, the sun is shining as I type this, and it is gorgeous!

I purchased the Clinique Sun-Kissed Face Gelee before I received a similar product from The Body Shop (which I really love). This is a gel bronzer that is best used mixed in with your foundation.

clinique1Here’s a tip, and an important one: do not dot this all over your face thinking that you can blend it in, because you will end up with brown dots all over your face (um, not that I did that of course).


This instant-pick-me-up for skin by Clinique is a sheer, oil-free gel that creates a warm, healthy glow on your skin. It’s suitable for all skin types and tones, too.

This is exactly what it sounds like in the description. It does create a healthy glow, it isn’t orange, and it doesn’t feel heavy when it’s mixed into foundation. I don’t even notice it. I usually put the foundation on the back of my hand, add a couple drops of the gelee, and then mix it onto my face with a brush. You definitely don’t need much to achieve the glow that it promises.

In using this, I have not found it to have any impact on the foundation I am wearing, nor did it cause my skin to have any reactions.

clinique3This product is only available in one shade: Universal Glow. Since I’m completely average when it comes to skin tone I can’t vouch for how “universal” this actually is; however, I do really like this product and especially appreciate it for providing a little bit of radiance. 🙂 If you’re very fair or on the deeper side, it might be worth getting a sample first to see how you like it.

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