Five Winter Skincare Favorites

*denotes press sample

This winter hasn’t been particularly cold (it’s actually a little alarming since I live in Michigan and everything), but it has been cold enough to give me miserably dry skin. I have been very much into everything and anything moisturizing when it comes to body care, so I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorites, some old and some new.

A tried and true favorite is the triple moisture cream from Bath and Body Works in the scent French Lavender Honey. This scent is so delightful, and I really like the formula of this lotion. I’m never without it!

Out of Africa Shea Body Oil is truly a skin savior. I cannot rave about this enough for leg shaving. It provides a barrier so I don’t cut my skin, and I’m left with extra moisture. This combined with an out of shower moisturizer is the ultimate in skin hydration, at least for me. As you can see in the photo it is very well-loved, as the bottle is quite beat up. 🙂

The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter* is an old favorite of mine. This tub was graciously sent to me from The Body Shop; however, this is something I have purchased in the past and will continue to buy in the future.

The Seaweed Bath Co. Eucalyptus & Peppermint Body Cream is sold at Target (although I got mine from my job), and I am all about this brand! Their shampoo and conditioner are incredible, and this moisturizer smells fresh and it is silky and hydrating.

OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Miracle In-Shower Oil* is another oil I like for leg shaving, but I also dab a little bit on the ends of my hair and on my elbows while showering. This isn’t as thick as the Out of Africa oil, but it is still highly moisturizing.

What are your winter body care must have items?


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3 Responses to Five Winter Skincare Favorites

  1. Also Body Shop butter, but Wild Argan!:)

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