Stitch Fix #3 – What Worked, What Didn’t

Last June I wrote about my first Stitch Fix. Since then, I have gotten two other boxes, the third one very recently. I explained how everything works in the first post, but to reiterate, here’s how it works:

  1. Pay a $20 styling fee. This fee is taken off of your purchase if you decide to keep something in the box.
  2. Fill out your style profile (more on that below).
  3. Receive the box and choose the clothes you want to keep. There is a price on each item of clothing.
  4. If you like everything in the box, you receive 25% off of the total.
  5. Return what you don’t want WITHIN 3 BUSINESS DAYS in a prepaid envelope.
  6. Checkout on Stitch Fix with what you are keeping.
  7. Provide feedback on what you didn’t like to improve future fixes.

I won’t go through the style profile and everything again, but I did want to comment on a few things I find helpful in the process:

  1. Definitely have a Pinterest board loaded with your style of clothes. Everything I’ve received in my fixes has been my style, and I truly think it is because of that.
  2. Don’t be afraid to request something specific, or mention what parts of your body you have trouble fitting.

In this third fix, I requested a cardigan similar to one that I received in my first box, because I love it so much, and Stitch Fix delivered on that request!

The color isn’t showing true to form, but this is a coral color, called the Marabell Open Cardigan by Staccato ($48). This type of sweater is exactly what I wanted.

Next was the Viola Jersey Dress by Gilli ($68). I thought this was cute, but I didn’t keep it because I wasn’t wowed by it.

The Etsie Textured Knit Dress by Papermoon ($74) is completely my style, and it’s hard to go wrong with basic black. I really like this dress, but I decided to send it back because I have two similar dresses.

The Amari Scallop Trim Flats by MIA ($49) are adorable, but I didn’t find them very comfortable. They pinched my toes every so slightly, and to be honest, I usually spend a lot more than this for shoes that are comfortable.

Finally, another keeper is the Martey Knit Wrap Dress by Sade New York. I am such a nautical loving lady and this is the first wrap dress I’ve ever had that I felt confident in. The fabric is a nice weight as well, and the print is definitely my style!

I should mention that the reason there are no pants in this fix is because I don’t wear pants (that sounds so weird). You can customize your fix to whatever suits your lifestyle.

I also want to say thank you to the person who used my Stitch Fix affiliate link! I am not sponsored by Stitch Fix and purchased this on my own; the affiliate link simply gives me a $25 credit if anyone purchases through it, something everyone can do.

You can try Stitch Fix here (affiliate link–I get a credit) or here (plain link).

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