Pur Trolls Eyeshadow Palette Review!

*purchased by me

Have you seen the Trolls movie? I have, and thought it was absolutely adorable, so it was a moment of glee when I saw that Pur released a palette with the film. I found my palette at Kohl’s ($29).

This palette contains 16 shades and the names correspond with the film and its characters, with Poppy naturally being the bright pink color, and Branch right below her (the two main characters). I love how versatile the colors are. If you think you might cringe at the bright shades, it is very easy to get neutral looks with this palette, especially with the third column. Of course, I certainly gravitate toward the brights. 🙂

The palette is made out of cardboard and it contains a large mirror.

Frankly, I had low expectations with this release, but was pleasantly surprised at how nice these shadows are, and the price point is just right. The mattes are smooth and easy to blend, and the shimmers glide on. I love every single shade in this palette and find myself using it constantly (it is a lot more beat up now than in the photos above).

My husband sent me a text message one morning asking, “Did I see a Trolls palette in the bathroom this morning?”, along with the laughing hysterically emoji. I just can’t help myself–I am totally a kid at heart!

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