Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Conspiracy

*sample (not PR)

Conspiracy is one of the new Vice lipsticks in the “metallized” formula. It looked very dark in the sample pod, almost brown, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Having not read any reviews previously, the color certainly surprised me when I put it on! Instead of being brown, it’s more of a deep shimmering plum that is easy to sheer out or build up. I think it’s still leaning a little brown in these photos due to poor lighting (natural light, no sun), but in person it is definitely more plum.

I really liked the formula of Conspiracy. It is sheer but if your lips are dry, it’s pigmented enough to show on dry patches. I definitely need to exfoliate before wearing this lipstick for that reason. Another perk is that it looks glossy instead of satin or matte. I personally liked the finish of Conspiracy, but if you don’t want a glossy, metallic look, you may not like this.

The formula is not long wearing (a few hours) and it actually reminds me of Clinique Black Honey in many ways, so if you like that, you will probably like Conspiracy.

Both swatches are Conspiracy

Overall, I think Conspiracy is a beautiful color and a lovely formula! I don’t think I would wear it enough to purchase the full-size lipstick; however, if you like reddish plum colors it is worth checking out.

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