Besame Cosmetics Blush and Lip Gloss Mini Reviews

*purchased by me

In the past year, I have been drawn to Besame as a brand, as it really appeals to my personal aesthetic and style. If you’re not already familar, Besame is built on recreating vintage colors that existed in previous decades. I have three products to share today; two blushes and one lip gloss.

I purchased one powder blush and one cream blush that is multitasks as a lip product. The powder blush is called Raspberry, and it is a 1930 reproduction. Housed in a vintage style compact, the top twists off and the pan is adorned with a stunning floral design and the brand name. The cream blush is in a smaller pot in the shade Apricot, a 1938 reproduction.

I have worn both of these blushes several times and prefer the cream; however, I am going through a cream products phase at the moment, and I could be going through a bright moment due to spring being here. That said, Apricot is lovely, as it blends well and provides a naturally bright blush. It’s also very long lasting.

Raspberry is very pigmented; be careful with this one on the skin! It’s a dusty pink mauve and despite all of the blush I have, unique to my stash. I have accidentally gone overboard a few times with this one and had to spend time blending it out.

I definitely recommend both of these stunning products if you’re in the market for a new blush.

Raspberry, Apricot, Caramel

Caramel is a Sweetheart Glaze lip gloss and does not have a particular date associated with it. I prefer lip gloss, and this is a lovely nude shade. It’s extremely comfortable, not sticky, and gives just enough color. There is a slight sweet scent, but it’s not overpowering; I barely notice it.

Wearing Caramel

I’m very pleased with my Besame choices and it’s hard to resist not purchasing everything my heart desires from this brand! In case you missed it, I did write about their Victory Red lipstick awhile back, which has earned a place of honor in that it is currently the only red lip color I own at the moment. 🙂

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