MAC Combo Series #3: Sex and the Oyster

One of my all-time favorite MAC eyeshadows is Sex and the Oyster. This was a limited edition shade released in 2013, and most of the other shades I used in this look are from the same collection. Sex and the Oyster is the bluish green shimmery shade, which is reminiscent of the inside of some sort of shell. 🙂

Eat, Love; Sex and the Oyster; Three Ring Yellow, Carefree, Hidden Motive

Eat, Love and Three Ring Yellow are from the collection, while Carefree is a Pro Longwear eyeshadow shade (discontinued). Hidden Motive is from a 2014 collection.

Sex and the Oyster is a little brighter when applied over Urban Decay Sin eyeshadow primer (which is what I used here). I mixed Hidden Motive and Eat, Love together in the crease, and used Three Ring Yellow for a pop of something different. Carefree is the brow bone highlight.

Sex and the Oyster is a unique color, and I wish MAC would make more colors that are this interesting! I’m also bummed out that the Pro Longwear eyeshadows are discontinued (they have been for awhile). I am a huge fan of them and they do wear for a long time; the pans are gigantic, and the colors are very pigmented.

Another one of my favorite MAC products is being discontinued (well, it was limited edition) and that is the Pro Longwear Colour Sticks. I have the shade Tea Leaves and it’s over halfway used up, so I am thinking of picking up another one before they are completely gone! 🙂

What are your favorite MAC products that have disappeared throughout the years?

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2 Responses to MAC Combo Series #3: Sex and the Oyster

  1. drusiph says:

    i like the phrase “sex and oyster”

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