My Pacifica Perfumes, Favorites, & Mini Reviews

*purchased by me

While I might be a makeup junkie, my love for perfume runs even deeper than that. It is a lifelong obsession since my grandma gifted me with Love’s Baby Soft way back in third grade. She really started my love of perfume and it’s one of the few things we shared (…I have over 30 first cousins). Pacifica is one of my favorite brands for fragrances, so I thought it would be fun to share which ones I have and my thoughts on them!

My favorite is Indian Coconut Nectar. This smells like rich, creamy coconut with a touch of vanilla. It’s sweet, but not in the vein of Aquolina Pink Sugar. I actually find this scent quite sexy. I have both the perfume and the body/hair mist. I love the hair mist because it doesn’t have a negative affect on my hair! This scent is the longest lasting of the ones I’m going to talk about.

Tuscan Blood Orange is a fat, juicy orange at it’s finest. Some citrus scents either turn bitter or simply smell fake; this does neither of those things! If you like Escada Taj Sunset, this is a whole new level of orange. I purchased this rollerball recently after having had the lotion in the past.

Tunisian Jasmine Lime is really unique and complex. The lime is very prominent and the jasmine isn’t overwhelming. It’s not a true aquatic but has those properties. It smells like drinking a seltzer water right after getting out of the shower; fresh and clean.

I’ve already used a full bottle of Malibu Lemon Blossom, and purchased another rollerball to decide if I wanted another bottle again. Lemon is my favorite note of all time; I love lemon everything. This is lemon with floral. Personally, I like lemon that is a little more bold, but this does smell nice. It’s slightly sweet but not overbearing.

Sparkling Star Passionfruit is a scent from 2016. I was intrigued by this scent because I love passionfruit scents (I loved the Bonne Bell lip balm in elementary school!), but a little hesitant because it contains amber, which I often find cloying and heavy. This scent is surprisingly juicy and the amber is more prominent in the drydown, but not suffocating.

What are your favorite Pacifica scents, or favorite perfumes in general? I love scent recommendations! 🙂

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