LulaRoe Clothing Overview & Thoughts Part 1

Before starting this post, let me get this out of the way:

  1. I am not a LulaRoe consultant, I just love clothes.
  2. There are no links to consultants or parties in this post.

Okay! Now that that is out of the way, this post is obviously about LulaRoe clothing that is sweeping social media by storm. In a nutshell, LulaRoe is a MLM company similar to the likes of Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, and so on, only with clothing. You can purchase their clothing through a consultant on Facebook through live parties and album sales, or by having your own LulaRoe party.

LulaRoe was made famous through their soft “butter” leggings, which have also had some backlash due to the quality of their leggings, which you can research with a quick Google search.

LulaRoe sells a variety of clothing styles from dresses to skirts, to leggings, kimonos, and sweaters. They have clothing for kids, “tweens” (can’t stand that word), men, and plus-sized women.  Their big marketing push is that these are comfortable clothes made especially for moms. I’m not a mom, so that lifestyle isn’t something I can speak for. I’m just someone who LOVES clothes.

Here’s a list of what I have from the brand:

19 pairs of leggings (some of these were gifts and others were freebies)
1 Amelia dress
3 Monroe kimonos
1 Cassie skirt
1 Sarah sweater
1 Ana dress
1 Lindsay kimono
4 Nicole dresses
1 Irma (that I’m giving away to a friend)
1 Carly dress
1 Randy shirt

Here are some photos from my Instagram feed of how I have styled my LLR pieces:

Amelia dress with cardigan–work bathroom selfie, sad!

Monroe kimono with black a-line dress

Monroe kimono with another dress-my students liked this outfit (they’re in college).

Printed leggings with a dress and jacket–a guy stopped to compliment me while wearing this–so random!

I am someone who likes to “feel dressed,” and a lot of LLR’s clothing is designed for pure comfort. They have a lot of t-shirts that I see people pairing with leggings–this is personally not my style. It’s easy to slip into pajama mode, and that is NOT my style whatsoever.

If I’m wearing a LLR piece, I almost always have it paired with something structured, like in the photos above. It is very easy to feel and look frumpy if pairing too many LLR pieces together, at least on my body type and for what I prefer on me.

Since I love crazy prints, the leggings are really fun. I typically wear them under a dress in place of tights. I do not own jeans or pants, so tights and nylons are part of my daily wardrobe. I like that with the leggings, I have a little bit of extra warmth in the colder months. If I’m not leaving the house, I will wear them with a long tunic.

LulaRoe has size charts for their clothing, but if you can go to a party and try them on in person, I highly recommend it. Just because you wear an XL in one style doesn’t mean you will in the next style–you might wear a medium or even a small. For example, in the Amelia dress, I’m wearing a 2X. I wear an XL in the Nicole dress, a medium in the Sarah cardigan, a small in the Irma tunic, and a large in the Carly dress.

The leggings come in two sizes: One Size, and Tall and Curvy. I can fit into both sizes, another reason to definitely try things on!

I have given some thought to quality of LLR clothing, and one of the issues with this brand is that the quality can be hit or miss. I only have one pair of leggings with a hole in them that I sent back to the consultant. The Amelia dress is constructed well for the price point ($60), and the quality of the kimonos is also fair ($48). I have many kimonos from lower price points, and the LLR ones are better.

The leggings are $25 per pair. Some people find this outrageous and others have no problem with it. I think it is a decent price for what they are, and if you take care of them, they will last. If for some reason you do get a dud, the consultants are usually very helpful.

It does pay to have a party. Maybe you are sick of getting invited to parties (believe me, I understand), but if you love clothes, it is super fun to have a party in person as compared to online. Online parties are more convenient; however, the consultants are allowed to do deals in person that they for some reason cannot offer online. I did have a party in person and it was a blast to try on clothes all night. If you host a party, you get a pair of leggings for free just for hosting. For every 10 items that are purchased at your party, you get a free item of clothing (no matter the price point). This is how I got my Sarah sweater (typically $70).

I’m planning on doing more in-depth reviews on the styles I own and ideas on how to wear them, since this post is quite lengthy! 🙂 I have more thoughts on this brand, but this is just an overview on how it generally works and my experience with the brand.

As usual, I would love to hear your thoughts, good or bad, regarding the LulaRoe brand, especially your favorite styles! 🙂

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