Milani Amore Matte Lip Cream in Adorable

*purchased by me

Yes, I am a total hater of liquid lipsticks and purchased this Milani Matte Lip Cream. Adorable is a lovely nude pink that is right up my alley, but I did have to make a commitment to a long-wearing lip product to test it out. 😉

I can only vouch for Adorable, but this formula did surprise me. It has been the most bearable liquid lip product to date for me. It smells like cupcakes and has a thin consistency, so it’s easy to apply and doesn’t feel heavy. More importantly, it isn’t totally drying and I can actually stand to wear it the 5+ hours it stays on.

The Milani lip creams have your standard doe foot applicator. I actually like the size of this one and it is easy to be precise with it. Sometimes I find these applicators too big, and this one is just right.

Any liquid lipstick is going to accentuate lines on my lips, but thanks to this nice nude shade, I felt a little less self-conscious about it. Also, since this color is so close to my actual lip color, when it wears away it doesn’t end up looking ridiculous and disgusting.

Wearing Adorable

I see myself taking this lip product on vacation for when I just want to put something on and not have to maintain it all day long. If you aren’t a fan of liquid lipsticks like me, you might want to consider the Milani ones! Milani and Ofra have been the only brands I have been able to tolerate so far. 🙂

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