Ursa Major Clear, Healthy Skin Trial Kit Review

*purchased by me

This spring, I have been cleaning up my skincare, and by “cleaning” I mean trying out brands with higher quality, less toxic ingredients. I decided to pick up the Ursa Major Clear, Healthy Skin Trial Kit. All products in this kit are cruelty free, vegan, and gluten free, and the kit comes with four products to try: face balm, face wash, face tonic, and face wipes. In addition, each product is formulated without “petrochemicals, sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrance or color, glycols, silicones or PEGs or other suspect chemicals. ”

On the Go Essential Face Wipes: I wasn’t sure I would have a use for the face wipes, but I actually really enjoyed these. Essentially, this is the face tonic in wipes format. I liked being able to freshen up on a long day out, and getting a boost of clean skin.

4-in-1 Essential Face Tonic: This multipurpose spray is one of my favorite items in this kit. I used it over makeup and as a toner; I also liked spritzing it on my face just before going to bed. This has a beautiful herbal scent and I love how it made my skin feel!

Fortifying Face Balm: This is a daily moisturizer; however, instead of using it as a day cream, I used it as a night cream. It has a thin consistency and isn’t too heavy, but still provides moisture. It has a matte finish, so if you do use it during the day, it won’t interfere with makeup. The scent is minty and very fresh, giving the product a cooling feel.

Fantastic Face Wash: My favorite product in this kit was definitely the face wash! I used this day and night, so I had a chance to test it on makeup removal. It did remove my makeup, didn’t try out my skin, and has a natural, refreshing scent. It didn’t irritate my skin at all, and I can’t believe how CLEAN my face felt after using it.

Overall, my first impression of Ursa Major is very good. There is enough in this kit to last for two weeks, so you can develop an opinion with each trial size item. Of the products in the kit, the two I want to repurchase are the face wash and the face tonic. 🙂

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