June 2017 Beauty and Skincare Favorites


June went by SO fast for me! I went to visit my sister, went on an amazing 5-hour lighthouse cruise with my husband, and prayed that my basement wouldn’t flood due to the heavy rains and massive flooding in the area (it didn’t!). In between all of that I did have time to rediscover some products.

First up are two charcoal masks: the White Egret Charcoal Mask and The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Mask. I absolutely love how my skin feels after using these! Each one is a little exfoliating, so I always feel super clean after rinsing them off.

I have two blush favorites: Besame cream blush in Apricot and Mariah Carey x MAC Sweet Sweet Fantasy blush. I have had the MAC blush since its release and had only worn it a couple of times. It’s a beautiful warm pink color. Apricot could easily turn into one of my favorite blushes of all time. This color is simply stunning and the formula is even better. I’ve never met a cream blush with such a long-lasting and pigmented formula!


Sweet Sweet Fantasy, Apricot, Only You, Hot Sand

Another MAC product I’ve been enjoying is the Ellie Goulding x MAC lipstick in Only You. It is a warm pink shade that is perfect for this time of year, and goes with practically anything. Plus, it is a cremesheen, which is my favorite MAC lipstick formula.

In addition to two MAC favorites, I also have two NARS favorites: Hot Sand highlighter and the Soft Matte Complete Concealer. I don’t actually own the concealer, but I have been using a sample of it for about a week now. I was a huge fan of the liquid Hot Sand highlighter, and now that there’s a powder I am even more thrilled! I plan on writing a separate review of the concealer, but let’s just say the sample has left a BIG impression on me. I love it!


As mentioned in the past, I have the world’s driest lips. This month I discovered the Tuore Conditioning Lip Oil, which I have been using daily. I usually put it on while I’m doing my makeup to condition my lips.

The Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer is a rediscovery for me. I’ve been really into lightweight, cream products this month, and I love that this tinted moisturizer has SPF in it. My shade is Nude.

The last product is a little random, but my husband and I have been loving the Dove Dry Oil Beauty Bar. This soap seriously changed my shower life! I’ve been using it to shave my legs, and I do not experience any razor burn, plus less cuts. The reason I discovered this soap is because of a YouTuber, which leads me to my next favorite: BarSoap Guy! As the name implies, he reviews soap.

Another favorite of mine is on Instagram, and her handle is mel_ladytrucker. She is a North American truck driver who posts makeup photos during her travels. She uses mostly drugstore makeup and is creative, fun, and just has a good vibe.

Thanks for reading, and have a safe 4th of July weekend!

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