LORAC Pirates of the Caribbean Collection


*purchased by me

I am a complete Disnerd, so I am thrilled whenever a new Disney collaboration is released in the makeup world. It’s even better when the collaboration contains colors right up my alley! The LORAC Pirates of the Caribbean collection contains an eyeshadow palette, a face palette, and several lip products. I purchased the eyeshadow palette and face palette.


One feature that I love about the eyeshadow palette is the compartment in the bottom where the face palette slides into. This is so handy!


The eyeshadow palette contains 18 shades, ranging from cool neutrals to a few brighter colors. The formula contains matte, satin, and shimmer shades. The shadows seem a little different from LORAC’s pro palettes; they are still pigmented and easy to blend, but not as soft. This is neither a good or bad observation-simply neutral!


Black Pearl, Starry Night, Treasure, Sea Haze, Lost at Sea, Silent Mary

I love this eyeshadow palette. The colors are really unique compared to other shades that I have, and LORAC really captured the murky pirate vibe. Black Pearl is actually a duochrome shadow that isn’t picking up well in the photo. My favorite color in the palette is Sea Haze.


The face palette really hits a home run. It includes three blushes and three highlighters. Every shade in this palette is super pigmented; plus, I adore the color selection. Some people may find this a little too pigmented, so definitely use a light hand. They blend like a dream; I can’t rave about the quality of this palette enough. I also think this palette would be perfect for travel. I plan on bringing it to a wedding to do makeup on a few bridesmaids this summer.


Fortune, Lost Soul, Destined, Caribbean, Star Reader, Bold Spirit

I am really happy with this collection and think it is worth checking out, especially for all of you Disney fanatics out there. 🙂



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