Atelier Cologne Hand Cream, California Clementine, & Citron d’Erable


*purchased by me

One of my dirty little secrets: I’m hoarding Atelier Cologne perfume samples. I adore this brand and they are masters of citrus, which just happens to be my favorite kind of perfume note. This post is curated of a massive favorite, one of their hand creams, and a Great Lakes inspired perfume (perfect for someone residing in the Great Lakes State, right?).

Citron d’Erable is a limited edition scent that is comprised of lemon, maple syrup, and woodsy notes. Inspired by the Great Lakes region, this scent has a fall vibe. I expected this to be “cooler” than it is and have a stronger aquatic vibe. That said, I think this scent is nostalgic to someone who has spent her entire life living next to one Great Lake or another (grew up on Superior, residing near Huron).

The Bergamot Soleil hand cream is a pungent and strong citrus; it takes the word “fresh” to the next level. Some may even find it bitter because the bergamot is very strong. While the scent is beautiful, the quality of the hand cream is so-so; if you want something highly moisturizing, this is not it. I would not repurchase this hand cream, but could probably be persuaded to buy another scent if I wanted to match another perfume.

Clementine California is my number one Atelier Cologne scent. I wish I could fill a bathtub with this and just soak in it; that’s how much I love it! I also have a happy scent memory associated with it (Disneyland trip). This is a light and happy citrus with notes of clementine, mandarin, and sandalwood. This is the kind of scent that would not be a bother or offend anyone, but instead projects pure joy!

Do you have any favorite scents from Atelier Cologne? This is just a small selection of the ones I enjoy. 🙂

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1 Response to Atelier Cologne Hand Cream, California Clementine, & Citron d’Erable

  1. I love a bunch but their Vetiver is a favorite. I could spray that all over myself. Their Oolang Tea is smoky but light. The Vanilla Intensee is great for winter months.

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