NARS Orgasm Lipstick Review


*deluxe sample

NARS recently made some new additions to their very famous Orgasm makeup collection. I was quite excited about the liquid blushes (I have yet to purchase any), and I was also excited about the lipstick. I picked up the lipstick in deluxe sample size thanks to a Sephora code.


The lipstick is the same formula as their regular line, not the Audacious lipstick line. I actually prefer this line compared to Audacious because it isn’t drying. The color is the same as the blush–peachy pink with gold shimmer.


The gold shimmer isn’t chunky glitter for those wary of that; I don’t notice it feeling chunky at all. It’s glides on smoothly and the formula is pretty thin, but it does built up nicely. I love the color and find that it really freshens up the face, just like the blush of the same name does. This lipstick does not have any detectable scent either, if that is a concern.


The full-size lipstick is $28, so the price has gone up in recent years (I believe they used to be $26). I love the color but am not sure if I would purchase the full size lipstick since it takes so long to go through one; the sample will last a long time! Time will tell if this is a must have for me, but so far I do adore the color of this lipstick, and the formula.



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