Update: Where I’ve Been

Hello, and if you are still checking this space, I am truly grateful. 🙂 I am still alive and mostly well, but WOW–the end of 2017 was truly brutal. Within three weeks I had a death in the family and lost my full-time job (budget cuts). Mentally, this has been a lot to deal with and I have slowly been trying to recover from it all, not to mention finding work, which I have been unsuccessful with so far.

On the bright side, I’m teaching two classes this semester and substitute teaching (I could write a book about this experience, unreal), so it’s something.

I have been taking photos and want to get back into writing here. I miss beauty blogging. I love the beauty world and have a lot to talk about! I may not be able to keep up with what is new and trendy, but what really matters is my love for writing and that this is just a fun hobby for me.

Thank you for reading and sticking with me.

🙂 –Melissa



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2 Responses to Update: Where I’ve Been

  1. JamieJayne says:

    Do you still have an Instagram and YouTube channel? I tried finding you and couldn’t!

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