Vintage by Jessica Liebeskind Highlighter Reviews

*purchased by me

I haven’t really been posting Boxycharm posts because I wonder if they are redundant due to YouTubers who get them before everyone else, but since I love the subscription I feel compelled to review and share some of my favorite products discovered through it. Today’s post will be on the Vintage highlighters by Jessica Liebeskind, who was a developer for the Bobbi Brown brand.

Earlier this year and sometime last year we received two products from the Vintage brand, both highlighters. The first one is Rose Gold, and the second one is a highlighter set, Rose Quartz and Chocolate Diamond.

While I love all three shades, my favorite of the bunch is Chocolate Diamond, which is the right side shade in the palette. To me, it is a bit of a dirty gold color, which I appreciate because it is unique. That said, the single Rose Gold highlight is also refreshing compared to other shades that I have, at least in powder form. Rose Quartz is right up my alley as well–pink, but not too bright.

Rose Gold, Rose Quartz, Chocolate Diamond

Although with finger swatches these powders may seem a little powdery, when applied with a brush, these are stunning. The highlighters do not accentuate texture; I find that the pressed Becca highlighters do this unless applied with an extremely light hand. The Vintage highlighters, to me, are the perfect marriage between in-your-face shine and a subtle glow. A happy medium, if you will.

The Vintage highlighters are definitely up there with some of my favorite Boxycharm products.

If you have any thoughts about more Boxycharm box reviews (as in the whole box) or products from them, please let me know! 🙂

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Three Hair Wave Sprays: Herbivore, Ouai, and John Frieda

*purchased by me

It’s that time of year again when everyone is trying to perfect their beach waves, but for me that is a year-round deal. I have wavy hair and am pretty particular about wave/sea salt sprays. I don’t like products that leave my hair feeling crispy or looking like there’s a ton of products in it, but still want some definition. High expectations? Maybe, but I have found something I love that meets these expectations. 🙂

Let’s start with the Ouai Wave Spray. This was received when I was a Play! by Sephora subscriber. I tried to make this work, but I do not like it. First, I can’t stand how it smells. If I wouldn’t wear the scent on my body, I don’t want it lingering in my hair. It smells like a perm from the early 90s. Secondly, it makes my hair look super greasy no matter how little I use. Not shiny, but like I actually have gobs of grease in my hair. Finally, it doesn’t actually do anything for my hair besides make it look stringy and dirty. I simply don’t feel clean when I use this. Full size is $26 at Sephora.

I mentioned the John Frieda Sea Waves spray in a recent fails post, so I won’t spend too much time on it. I love how it smells, but it makes my hair feel crunchy and hard. This is about $8-$10 in drugstores.

Enter the Herbivore Coconut + Sea Salt Beach Waves Hair Mist ($20). I absolutely ADORE this wave spray! For $20 you get 8 ounces, which I find very generous compared to the Mai Tai Spritzer by DryBar (3.4 fluid ounces for $25), which I also love. It comes in a gorgeous glass jar as well.

The Herbivore wave spray has a light coconut scent that doesn’t interfere with my perfume, provides soft waves, and doesn’t weigh my hair down or leave it crunchy. There’s no greasy look or feel, and it doesn’t add any product build-up or residue. It says it is for straight, wavy, and curly hair; I can’t vouch for what it will do for the other hair types, but if you have natural waves like I do, you may like this. I especially love combining it with Giovanni Weightless Leave-In Conditioner (more on this product soon!). 🙂

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MODA Prismatic Face Perfecting Kit Review

*purchased by me

The MODA Prismatic Face Perfecting brush kit has made a big splash in the beauty world this spring, and since I love brushes like this, I decided to pick it up ($17). It is only available at Walmart and contains four brushes: a face brush, blush brush, concealer brush, and eyeshadow brush. The colors are gorgeous and the brush bristles are very soft.

The brush I’ve used the most so far is the foundation brush. This performs amazingly and truly leaves foundation looking flawless. It is gentle on the skin and makes applying foundation super easy; I love how much “ground” gets covered because of the large size. Unfortunately, I do have one complaint about this brush and that is that it is already shedding! I’m not too pleased with this and wonder how long it will last. I also recommend being careful with the handles, because they seem flimsy to me. I expected them to be heavier, but the plastic feels very cheap.

I like the other brushes in this kit as well, and am actually surprised by the eye brush! I use it for refining blending in the crease, and applying a brow bone highlight. The concealer brush I have been using for liquid highlighter. I like how precise it is on top of the cheekbones.

Overall, I like this set despite there being some drawbacks on quality. For the price, we’ll see how long they last.

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My Pacifica Perfumes, Favorites, & Mini Reviews

*purchased by me

While I might be a makeup junkie, my love for perfume runs even deeper than that. It is a lifelong obsession since my grandma gifted me with Love’s Baby Soft way back in third grade. She really started my love of perfume and it’s one of the few things we shared (…I have over 30 first cousins). Pacifica is one of my favorite brands for fragrances, so I thought it would be fun to share which ones I have and my thoughts on them!

My favorite is Indian Coconut Nectar. This smells like rich, creamy coconut with a touch of vanilla. It’s sweet, but not in the vein of Aquolina Pink Sugar. I actually find this scent quite sexy. I have both the perfume and the body/hair mist. I love the hair mist because it doesn’t have a negative affect on my hair! This scent is the longest lasting of the ones I’m going to talk about.

Tuscan Blood Orange is a fat, juicy orange at it’s finest. Some citrus scents either turn bitter or simply smell fake; this does neither of those things! If you like Escada Taj Sunset, this is a whole new level of orange. I purchased this rollerball recently after having had the lotion in the past.

Tunisian Jasmine Lime is really unique and complex. The lime is very prominent and the jasmine isn’t overwhelming. It’s not a true aquatic but has those properties. It smells like drinking a seltzer water right after getting out of the shower; fresh and clean.

I’ve already used a full bottle of Malibu Lemon Blossom, and purchased another rollerball to decide if I wanted another bottle again. Lemon is my favorite note of all time; I love lemon everything. This is lemon with floral. Personally, I like lemon that is a little more bold, but this does smell nice. It’s slightly sweet but not overbearing.

Sparkling Star Passionfruit is a scent from 2016. I was intrigued by this scent because I love passionfruit scents (I loved the Bonne Bell lip balm in elementary school!), but a little hesitant because it contains amber, which I often find cloying and heavy. This scent is surprisingly juicy and the amber is more prominent in the drydown, but not suffocating.

What are your favorite Pacifica scents, or favorite perfumes in general? I love scent recommendations! 🙂

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MAC Combo Series #3: Sex and the Oyster

One of my all-time favorite MAC eyeshadows is Sex and the Oyster. This was a limited edition shade released in 2013, and most of the other shades I used in this look are from the same collection. Sex and the Oyster is the bluish green shimmery shade, which is reminiscent of the inside of some sort of shell. 🙂

Eat, Love; Sex and the Oyster; Three Ring Yellow, Carefree, Hidden Motive

Eat, Love and Three Ring Yellow are from the collection, while Carefree is a Pro Longwear eyeshadow shade (discontinued). Hidden Motive is from a 2014 collection.

Sex and the Oyster is a little brighter when applied over Urban Decay Sin eyeshadow primer (which is what I used here). I mixed Hidden Motive and Eat, Love together in the crease, and used Three Ring Yellow for a pop of something different. Carefree is the brow bone highlight.

Sex and the Oyster is a unique color, and I wish MAC would make more colors that are this interesting! I’m also bummed out that the Pro Longwear eyeshadows are discontinued (they have been for awhile). I am a huge fan of them and they do wear for a long time; the pans are gigantic, and the colors are very pigmented.

Another one of my favorite MAC products is being discontinued (well, it was limited edition) and that is the Pro Longwear Colour Sticks. I have the shade Tea Leaves and it’s over halfway used up, so I am thinking of picking up another one before they are completely gone! 🙂

What are your favorite MAC products that have disappeared throughout the years?

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